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Integrated Auditing & Training Operating System

What is an Integrated Auditing & Training Operating System (iATOS)?

This is a centralised automation system to capture all data and information that comply with SSG’s requirements and regulations.

Maximising Efficiency & Productivity

Your auditing and training system solution for maximum efficiency and productivity to run your training organisation and manage the administration with ease. Not only will it save you hundreds of man-hours to administer, process your training, but it can able to generate documentation and report instantly for auditing with just a click of a button.

1. Registration
  • No more manually filling up of hardcopy registration form and transfer to database. Administrator / trainees are able to key in trainees’ particulars directly into the system during registration process.
2. User Management
  • Able to set different type of users’ access rights
3. Course Management
  • Manage courses (i.e. create new courses, update existing courses)
  • Setup assessment records
4. Class Management
  • Schedule class (i.e. course, date/time, venue)
  • Assign trainer, assessor and trainee to each class
  • Send class confirmation email to trainees
  • Generate class attendance sheet
  • Capture class attendance results (trainees are able to sign directly in the system using an electronic device e.g. smart phone / iPad / laptop)
  • Capture assessment results (assessors are able to input the assessment results and both assessor and candidates are able to sign directly in the system using an electronic device e.g. smart phone / iPad / laptop)
5. Report Management
  • Class attendance report (with calculation of attrition rate)
  • Assessment results report (with calculation of passing rate)
  • Trainer/assessor class assignment report (e.g. no. of classes a trainer has delivered)
  • Course intake report (e.g. no. of learners signed up for a particular course)


  • Increase process efficiency and quality standards
  • Generate relevant reports that are required for submission to SSG
  • Allow multiple types of users to access the system so that common information can be shared among the users in real-time
  • Access the system anytime and anywhere
  • Always keep up-to-date with SSG requirements

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