Why Become A WSQ ATO

What is WSQ Approved Training Organisation (ATO)?
Any organisation that wishes to offer WSQ courses and is accredited by SSG to provide WSQ training and assessments is considered to be a WSQ ATO.

There are 3 types of WSQ ATOs:

  1. Public ATO refers to an institution that offers training to the general public, including corporate clients and/or
    public walk-ins.
  2. Public and in-house ATO refers to an institution that offers training to the general public and its own employees.
  3. In-house ATO refers to a company that conducts training for its own employees only.



What are the WSQ ATO Application Process?
There are four steps to become WSQ Approved Training Organisation.

  1. Get your organisation approved (OA application)
  2. Get your courses accredited (CA application)
  3. Understand your roles and responsibilities
  4. Maintain and upkeep the standard through continuous improvement review



What are the Benefits of Being a WSQ ATO?

  1. As a WSQ ATO, you can provide high-quality training that’s recognized nationwide

Only WSQ ATOs can deliver WSQ courses, conduct WSQ assessments, and give out WSQ qualifications. As all WSQ ATOs and the courses they conduct have been vetted by SSG, the title of ATO lends credibility to your organization’s ability to provide high quality courses and qualifications that will be recognized anywhere in Singapore. In addition, only WSQ ATOs are allowed to use the SSG and WSQ Training logos on the certificates and statements of attainment that they issue. These logos are further indicators of high quality, and because they are sure to impress prospective employers, learners will flock to your courses.

  1. WSQ courses are eligible for SDF funding

Individuals can apply for funding worth up to 95% of the course fee. In addition to course fee subsidies, a training allowance of $4.50 per hour is also available under the Workfare Training Support Scheme for Singapore citizens who are 35 and above and who earn less than $2,000 a month. For more information on funding for individuals, click here.

Employers are able to apply for funding worth up to 95% of the course fee. On top of that, they can apply for absentee payroll funding of up to 80% of the employee’s hourly basic salary. For more information on funding for employers, click here.


What are the Additional Benefits of Being an In-House ATO?

In-house ATOs are companies which only conduct training for their own employees. Here are four reasons why you might want to become one.

  1. In-house ATOs can train their own staff at convenient times.

Companies which have been registered as in-house ATOs can train their staff whenever they find it convenient instead of having to follow the schedule of an external training provider.

  1. In-house ATOs can customize their training programmes to meet specific needs.

In-house ATOs can choose what skills they would like their employees to learn and write training content emphasizing these skills. They can also write training content that improves employee productivity in response to their specific business needs and the current market conditions.

  1. In-house ATOs can reduce their training costs.

In-house ATOs no longer have to contribute to the profit margins of the external training providers they used to send their staff to. In addition, they may be able to get course fee funding and absentee payroll funding, allowing them to save even more on training costs.

  1. In-house ATOs can reduce their recruitment costs.

In-house ATOs will become known as organizations that provide nationally accredited training to their employees. This will have a positive effect on their ability to attract and retain staff, thus lowering recruitment costs.


Why is it Important to have a Structured and Systematic set of Systems and Capabilities in Place?

Continuous Improvement Review (CIR) is conducted at least once every 2 years to evaluate ATO’s WSQ management, operations, and internal quality assurance systems and practices. The results of CIR will determine ATO’s continuation in or exit out of WSQ system.



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