About Us


Stephanie is currently a Corporate Development Consultant, WSQ ATO Business Consultant and a DACE Certified Course Developer. She provides consultancy and management services to medium and large size companies. She has more than 8 years of experience in the ATO business and has served multiple clients across different sectors and frameworks ranging from Business Management, Service Excellence, Creative Industries, Tourism and Generic Manufacturing Skills.

Prior to this, Stephanie was managing corporate development in one of the top five global library providers, which has significant presence in the Public Library market of Australia and New Zealand. One of her key roles during her appointment was to develop and implement a staff training & development programme for 300 staff. She was also responsible for attaining and maintaining the WSQ Approved Training Organisation status for the organisation.

Stephanie has completed her MSc International Management with Finance (Distinction) from University of London in 2008, and has obtained her Bachelor of Business (Business Administration) with Distinction from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) in 2006.



Roland is a 2007 National Day Honor commendation awardee for his contributions to education, a certified trainer for adult training & learning (ACTA), a Master of Arts in Counselling and Guidance, a certified Human Behaviour Consultant and certified Reality Therapist. He has practised as a coach, counsellor and trainer for the past 9 years.

Presently, Roland continues to pursue his passions by moving on from corporate and education management and training programme development to counselling, coaching and consulting. His aim is to prepare his clients for the 21st Century by developing their competencies. As he is a qualified Human Behavioural Consultant, Roland is able to work with clients to enhance their relational, motivational, and communication skills through coaching and training. He has also spent many years designing curriculum and developing courseware in both the education and adult training industries.